What is it?

An horror action adventure situated in the 80's. Find out what happened with the simple town called Whaitmore, if you dare! Nothing is what it seems, ghosts, spectors, demons, angels ... things you'll never imagend they existed.


What happend to the little cosy town? Where is everybody? While is this a demilitarized zone? You are a private investigator, attracted by this as it was mentioned in the newspapers. Everyone daring to explore and venture into the town never came back. The military did even build a fence around it to make sure nowone is able to explore. However, for some reason you are allowed to enter ... Your adventure begins... or does it end here ... what's happening ... does this all makes sence? Where am I? Am I lost?

Under development

DRKNSS is currently under heavy development, but we can't set a release date yet as we are still making sure we can give you the best experience possible. Subscribe to our twitter account to be kept up to date with the progress.