Our mission

Game development, mostly under rated as development and sometimes seen as an form of art. Here at Cygnus Projects we create games because we love games, gamers and gaming in general.
If you have any idea for a game and would like us to create a prototype for you, just get in touch and we can see how we can help to make your game a reality.
Please take a look at our projects to see what we are up to!

Asset developer, building the pieces to create your game! By providing pieces of our current ongoing projects as Unity Assets we make sure we share our own technology with any game creator.
The assets we have already released and are working on can be found in the assets section of this site.
In need of anything specific? Please reach out to us and we can how we can help you out!

We can rely on more than 20 years of software development experience. It all started as a compagny to support the Flemish gouvernment of education on their software development back in 1996. Years and a lot of software evolutions later we specialised ourself in game (and game related) development. Started in 2010 with the use of Unity we fel in love for 3D and everything game related. Nowadays we develop games on demand, assets for the Unity asset store, from time-to-time some administratif software and websites for those with special requests.

Our portfolio