Clever Chess

Are you in for a challenge?

Try to beat the system on difficulties ranging from Dummy to Genius, challenge the time constraint and start to think BIG time!

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Not available in Korea, Brazil, Taiwan and Russia.

Powerfull Engine

Clever Chess has the most powerfull chess engine available on Windows Store (and maybe beyond). Able to think up to 32 steps beforehand, you know you are in for a defeat.

No distractions

Clever Chess doesn't play any music and does only play some sound effects while using the user interface. This means you can listen to whatever you want when playing chess, you are in control!

Astonishing Graphics

Clever Chess uses Physic Based Shaders to display very realistic objects, together with dynamic lighting the results are spectacular. On devices not supporting the shader model 3 the game is falling back on cube mapped materials which are still above the standard seen on those devices.

Time is on your side!

You are thinking you can beat the system? But are unable to finish the current match due to some circumstances? No problem! Save the current match and start from where you left off on another time.

Some eye-candy!