What is it?

Talentus – skill/talent tree asset for Unity is a unity package allowing you to create and maintain skill/talent trees the easiest way. An intuitive editor is making sure the creation of a tree is a breeze, the wizard let you design a playable UI directly based upon the design and the engine makes sure everything is tight together at runtime.


  • Extended custom editor to design a talent/skill tree
  • Support for multiple categories within one tree
  • Can be used for any design
  • Multiple levels possible for one skill (and cost)
  • Support for multiple branches within one tree
  • Wizard to translate the design in a working UI
  • Engine capable to support all possible skill trees and conditions

We don't going to lie: you need some coding experience to implement your game specific elements especially if you want to tie up your own logic/design with the asset.

Some screen shots

Below are some screen shots of the asset at editor and runtime.

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